Can I just say how GREAT it feels to be back on the ambulance volunteering! I mean, I feel sorry for my patients, but I enjoy my job when they call 911. :p

So far for the shift I’ve ridden we’ve had an AMS, multiple sick patient calls, a respiratory and an MVA where we did a standing take down.  

I’m already itching for my next shift. Only a couple of more months and I start precepting so I can get my own shift and run the scenes!

I feel like I rarely come on here anymore, which I don’t really like.  I miss the days where I would try to escape to Tumblr in hopes of feeling better. In a way I guess this is a good thing, because I’m better than who I used to be, but I miss Tumblr and all its secrets :p

Anyways, the reason for this post is just to talk about recent news. I have finally joined an EMS agency. I’m not an observer, my application is longer “lost,” but I have officially part of a ambulance company.  Yeah, I’m a probie for right now, but we all have to go for training when starting a new job.

It just feels so nice to finally be a part of somewhere. Somewhere I’m hoping in the future I can call a home, but for now is where my passion resides and for that I can see myself being there 24/7. I’m just really happy.